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Finding my Voice as an Alienated Mom

My name is Lori, I started this site as I work through learning and understanding what it means to be an alienated Mom. I am not here to be a victim or feel sorry for myself (even though I do sometimes), this is an outlet and place for my voice – which is something that I haven’t had for almost a year.

If you have found my site by searching for parental alienation, I am here to tell you that you are not alone.  My site is called because I am a Mother.  Parental alienation can happen to anyone – not only Mothers and Fathers.  It can extend to Grandparents, siblings, Aunts, Uncles, extended family and even family friends.

The thoughts and opinions here are my own. I will try to post links and information that I have found useful for myself – I hope anyone who is experiencing alienation from your child or children will find the information useful also.

There is a lot of good information on the web about parental alienation, attachment-based parental alienation, raising children in separated/divorced families unfortunately, I’ve found very little support and guidance where I live.  This gap needs to be filled.  My personal experience is that counselors, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists who are not specialists or educated in this field can do more damage than good.  For these reasons, I have to educate myself as much as I can and be my own advocate.  I often feel like I am on an island by myself, searching and reaching for answers and help.  I have spent countless hours reading, seeking and watching videos that may help me understand what I am dealing with.  I am in no way an expert. I learn something everyday about what has happened, why this is happening and what I can do to reunify with my daughter.  I am one person but I know that there are many who are dealing with the same or a similar situation.  I hope that we can help each other to learn how to reunify and have a healthy and loving relationship with our alienated child/children/grandchildren etc.  I welcome any comments/questions/suggestions – communicating with others who are experiencing the same thing can help . . . after all I sure could use some company on my island!

Not everyone understands or is supportive so it is necessary for me to find a way to help and support myself.  This is not an easy task but I am learning and becoming better at it.

On a personal note – I have three children – my youngest is the child who I will be referring to as E*** – this is the child I am alienated from. I am a photographer with a graphic design background and I own a small photography business.  I love being creative and I found this to be a great outlet.   I create images combining my photography and positive affirmations/quotes and will be posting them on this site.  The link to that page is Feel free to copy them if you wish.  To save the quote images; click on the image and then when you are viewing the larger image, right-click on the image and save as into a folder on your computer.

I am dealing with a very difficult situation that often feels hopeless but I know how important it is to remain positive.  I need to be as healthy as possible so that I am ready for the day that my child returns.  Writing helps me work through things and if I can help myself and someone else along the way then that is a positive thing.