Lori - my story as an alienated Mom

My name is Lori. I am an Alienated Mom.

I have started this page as a dedication to my daughter whom I refer to as E***.  She is soon to be fifteen years old and I have not had a proper visit with her since March 2015.  She has intermittently seen my parents throughout this year but this time can be counted on two hands.  She has seen her older sister but again, intermittently and as long as there is nothing is more important on her Dad’s or Stepmother’s side – she has been able to see her.  I am a target parent and as a target parent – I have been falsely accused of being abusive, I have been treated with complete disregard and I have almost been erased.

I have missed out on so much:

  • 27 weeks (189 days) of scheduled time
  • I love you’s
  • Kissing her goodnight
  • Giving hugs
  • phone calls
  • Birthday party (14th)
  • Mother’s day
  • School – information and activities
  • Meeting her friends
  • Shopping for and buying her grad dress
  • Taking pictures (I am a photographer)
  • Vacations
  • Travel to visit relatives
  • Hearing about her day
  • Her presence
  • Being part of our family
  • Christmas
  • and so much more . . .

This is the life of an alienated parent, one that is relentlessly painful and often feels hopeless. As each day passes I realize how much I have lost and continue to lose.

I have two other children that I am not alienated from – they are both older, E*** is my youngest.   I am in a relationship which sometimes gets strained because of the pain and hurt that occurs from the alienation and depression.  Fortunately, I have a supportive partner who puts up with my depression, sadness and loss of interest in the simplest of things.  I have a full-time job – which has thankfully kept me sane – it is my place to go to not be reminded of the sadness in my home.  Our two dogs keep us busy but it is my love of photography that has given me the ability to seek out beauty when I have needed it most.

I hope that if you are reading this you will find something here that may benefit you or even bring you some peace.  I can’t guarantee that this will be a good news story because as it is today I am in the throws of full-blown alienation.


parental alienation