coping and understanding as an alienated parent/mother

May 31, 2016
staying strong as an alienated parent

Staying Strong – Alienated Parent

Staying Strong as an alienated parent – what does that really mean? It is said that storms don’t last forever.  Living as an alienated parent can be likened to a storm.  Often the child (in my case the adolescent) isn’t even aware of what is playing out in the rejected parent’s world.  The rejected parent often has no idea how this is impacting their child because there is very little to no contact.  Staying strong is very important because the pain of being alienated can be all-consuming.  Some days it does consume me but to outsiders looking in, they wouldn’t be able to tell that […]
March 13, 2016

Alienation of a family – paralyzed

The alienation of a family . . . is often a reality when the child is alienated from a target parent.  The alienation extends to the family including siblings, grandparents and other relatives.  My daughter doesn’t recognize this.  The power and control the alienators have over me and my family is really difficult to witness.  My family, especially my Mother is so scared to “rock the boat” or say anything to my daughter that she is paralyzed by this.  I don’t blame her, I feel so sorry for her.  She is very cautious and treads lightly when she has the opportunity […]
March 8, 2016

Things I experience as an alienated Parent/Mother

Coping as an Alienated Parent/Mother Being an alienated parent/mother is very traumatic It has been a year since I became and alienated mother/parent but I still experience many if not all the emotional/psychological and physical symptoms of trauma.  I believe it is important to recognize the signs.  I have been very lucky that I have the aid of a great counselor. I recognized the need to seek help early into the alienation because I knew that emotionally/psychologically and physically I was suffering and needed someone to talk to.  I have seen this counselor for almost a year – I continue with my sessions because nothing has changed and […]