Parental Alienation Experts I have found

In searching on the internet for parental alienation, being alienated from your teen/child, how to overcome alienation, one name stands out and keeps showing up in my searches.  There are many others but I have found Dr. Childress very understandable – rational – and direct.  He makes sense out of a lot of the irrational illogical things that are going on.  For me, the biggest “Aha” moment happened when I happened upon his video series on YouTube.  In this eight part series Dr. Childress speaks to the teen – which is perfectly fitting for my situation.  As I listened to his series it made sense – it became clearer for me that my daughter was experiencing these things.  I hope he doesn’t mind that I have attached his video series to take a look at on my site.  I posted each of these on my personal Facebook page because I hope that one day my daughter will happen upon them and recognize or realize some things that she is going through.  Thank-you Dr. Childress for shedding some light for me and my situation!

The first video below starts and then continues on to the next seven videos – if you have any difficulty with my post you can search Dr. Childress speaks to the child on YouTube and you will find these videos along with a number of other videos that Dr. Childress has posted.

#1 – Introduction

#2 – Attachment

#3 – Defining a Threat

#4 – Grief Response

#5 – Origins of Anger

#6 – Bonding

#7 – Surviving Conflict

#8 – Conclusion